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Your Eyes Can Reveal High Blood Pressure


When your doctor shines a bright light in your eye, he or she is looking for more than just vision problems.

Your doctor is searching for clues indicating the effects of high blood pressure. What they find could help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health problems, far beyond your eye.

They can see blood vessel changes in the retina caused by diabetes or hypertension. These blood vessels can look like ‘switchbacks’ in the Swiss Alps, bending back and forth.

When severe, blood vessels can bleed, which can cause a whole range of vision issues. Vision symptoms may not show up for years, but ultimately, high blood pressure can result in blood vessel damage causing blurred vision or loss of sight.

High blood pressure may not reveal itself for many years before causing a heart attack or stroke, which is why detecting high blood pressure early – and treating it with diet, exercise, and medication – is crucial. Eye doctors are on the front lines for your overall health.

Dr. YESnick says, "My patients will often ask, I’m here to get my glasses. Why are you checking my blood pressure?"

"I inform them of the unique opportunity their eyes have in discovering medical problems in their body."

You’re not just a pair of eyeballs walking into an exam room. Your eye doctors look at the entire person and your overall health.

"These things can impact your lives significantly, and I have a responsibility for your overall health."

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