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seeBOOST featured in WFAA ‘Pay It Forward’ news story

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RICHARDSON – November 29, 2018 – Click here to see the news video:

A Mesquite, Texas resident and seeBOOST user was the subject of a highly rated story on the evening news broadcast by the Dallas ABC affiliate, WFAA Channel 8. Don Douglas was previously featured on WFAA for his generosity in personally paying for children's school lunches whose families could not afford even those modest costs. This simple act of kindness led to a local movement in the Mesquite Schools to make sure that no child went unfed.

While watching the story, a member of the Evergaze team, Steve Harris, noticed the severe vision loss Don suffered and recognized that his vision and life could be improved with seeBOOST. The Evergaze team was so moved by Don’s kindness, they decided to ‘pay it forward’ by gifting Don his own personal seeBOOST.

The story shows his return to the school to see the young students' faces for the first time and also to actually read them a story. Don continues to mentor and read to the students at Florence Elementary on a regular basis.

About Evergaze

Evergaze, the developer and manufacturer of seeBOOST®, pioneered a new category of disease-specific prescription glasses to help those coping with vision loss from AMD and Diabetes. The company continues to innovate in developing the world's first non-implanted "artificial eye". The company's goal is to eradicate the impact of vision loss through technology, thus enabling older individuals to benefit from "Vision for Life".

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