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Surprising Info About Colored Contacts

What does your eye color express? In general, the color of your eyes hints to your genetic background. While brown is the most common hue, certain population groups around the world have a very high percentage of blue eyes, such as Scandinavians. In addition to showing off your ancestry, eye color can also enhance your style – in the same way that people color their hair to change their look.

Nowadays, even if you were born with deep chocolate peepers, you can show off baby blues instead by inserting the best-colored contacts for brown eyes. At YESnick Vision Center, we offer a rainbow of prescription and nonprescription colored contacts in Las Vegas – allowing you to choose the shade that you’ve always dreamed about!

How do colored contacts work?

A tint is used on the contact lenses to cover up your natural eye color. If the tint is translucent, it will enhance your natural hue, like highlights do for hair. Typically, these types are the best natural looking colored contacts.  If you want to transform your look more dramatically, choose an opaque tint to change the color. And don’t worry, your vision will not be affected by the color of the lenses, because the middle area (over your pupil) is left clear.

If you are interested in novelty colored contacts for Halloween or a costume party, you may want to consider some of the fun designs available, such as animal eyes. A word about safety – when purchasing costume or masking contacts, never buy from an online retailer. For the safety of your eye health, all colored contacts must be prescribed by a qualified eye doctor, such as Dr. David Yesnick, in Las Vegas.

How can you make colored contacts work for you?

It is essential to make an informed decision when purchasing colored contacts. Read the following facts to make sure you know the ins and outs of prescription and nonprescription colored contacts:

  • Colored contacts must be taken care of in the same manner as regular contacts. If you normally wear contacts and are used to them, you’ll be fine. If you are a contact lenses newbie, then our optical staff will instruct you on proper insertion, hygiene, and storage.
  • Colored contacts can be slightly thicker than conventional ones, so the adaptation period may be a bit longer. Don’t be surprised if you feel some initial discomfort. The positive side of this is that thicker lenses are easier to insert and remove.
  • Whether you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or 20/20 vision, there’s a pair of colored contacts in Las Vegas for you! We stock a range of lens powers (including zero), as well as colored contacts for astigmatism. Our eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam to check your vision prescription before you get started with your new contacts.
  • All contact lenses, colored or not, have no upper age limit for when you must stop wearing them. Your prescription may change and become more complex as you get older, but contemporary contact lenses can correct the vast majority of vision conditions.
  • Colored contact lenses do not put your eyes at a higher risk of eye infections than conventional lenses. As long as you care for your eyes and your lenses properly, infections are rare. Our eye care specialists will provide guidance about how to disinfect your colored contacts in our Las Vegas clinic.

Where can I buy colored contacts near you?

Visit YESnick Vision Center to look through our collection! We stock an eye-catching kaleidoscope of colored contact lenses in Las Vegas! Our optical staff will help you find the right color and type for your vision condition, and we won’t send you home until you are confident about how to insert and care for your new contacts

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