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Should You Buy Glasses for Computer Vision Syndrome?

Top Reasons to Purchase Specialized Computer Glasses

Do you use computers regularly?

Are you interested in optimizing your eyesight and your eye health?

If you are like the majority of people nowadays, you probably answered YES to both of the above questions. Now for the next big question – do you find that your eyes become tired or irritated during computer work? Many people who spend long periods of time in front of a computer screen will actively shake their head up and down in response to this question.

When your vision becomes uncomfortable (under any circumstances), the first thing you need to do is schedule an eye exam at YESnick Vision Center to confirm that your prescription is up-to-date and your eye health doesn’t require treatment. Once you have a current and accurate vision prescription (or you verify that you don’t need new prescription eyewear), your next step is to consider buying a pair of customized glasses for computer vision syndrome. These specialized eyeglasses, available in our Las Vegas eye care center, are prescribed to reduce eye strain and provide ultimate viewing comfort for using your computer.

Benefits of Eyeglasses for Computer Vision

Business Woman wearing glassesComputer glasses, sometimes called computer reading glasses, are not the same as regular eyeglasses or reading glasses. They have enhanced features that optimize your vision when viewing a computer screen. These features, outlined below, are the reasons why Dr. Yesnick recommends buying glasses for computer vision!

Customized Lenses to See the Screen

When you gaze at a computer screen, you need your intermediate zone of vision to be crystal-clear. Your focus is not the same when reading a book or staring off at a spot in the distance. Computer glasses are specialized to enhance your middle field of view, as well as help you switch your focus easily between the keyboard and the screen. As a result, they reduce strain on your eyes – especially when you’re in front of the computer for long periods.

Better Posture

Say goodbye to your aching neck, shoulders, and back! Not only can using computers strain your eyes, but if you lean into uncomfortable positions in order to see the screen better, then you probably suffer from other aches and pains too. Computer reading glasses eliminate the need to adjust your posture to get a better view of the monitor.

Block Blue Light

Blue light is emitted by all digital tech and LED lights. This short light wave can cause extreme irritation to some people’s eyes, due to flickering. Special tinted lenses filter out blue light, giving your eyes a rest. Also, blue light has been linked to raising your risk of a number of sight-threatening eye diseases in the future. So putting on a pair of computer glasses with blue light protection can has far-reaching effects.

Anti-reflective Lens Coatings

Glasses for computer vision syndrome let you see the words on the screen and not a reflection of the room. A unique anti-reflective coating decreases the amount of light reflected from your lenses, making it easier to read the monitor. At YESnick Vision Center, we offer a range of newer, modern materials of lens coatings that offer longer-lasting quality – without the cracking and peeling of older materials.

Buy Computer Reading Glasses from Your Las Vegas Eye Doctor

You need a precise vision prescription in order to get the most out of your glasses for computer vision syndrome. A generic pair from the drugstore counter won’t give you the full benefits that we discussed. When you visit Dr. David Yesnick for your eye exam, it is essential to first measure how far you like to sit from your computer. Measure from the surface of your screen to the bridge of your nose, and bring this information with you to your appointment. Our Las Vegas eye doctor will use this distance to help determine the most helpful lens power for your computer glasses.


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