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How to Help Your Parent Live with Low Vision

Visit YESnick Vision Center for Life-Changing Low Vision Aids!

Do you have an aging parent who has some form of visual impairment? If so, your situation is not unique. Many age-related eye diseases and conditions can lead to low vision, such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy. Typically, no matter the cause of your parent’s visual impairment, their independence and quality of living is reduced. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! At YESnick Vision Center, we can help restore some of your parent’s visual independence, thereby boosting their ability to enjoy life.

Don’t give up! Book a Low Vision Evaluation With Dr. Yesnick

irisvision womenEven if other eye doctors have already told your parent that nothing can be done to help their vision, Dr. Yesnick can make a difference. For example, while it may be true that a change in eyeglass prescription will not cause any improvement, Dr. Yesnick can custom-design glasses instead. That’s why a Low Vision Evaluation is essential for everyone suffering vision loss.

Our Low Vision Evaluation will determine three essential pieces of information:

  1.       The amount of remaining vision that your parent has
  2.       The amount of vision needed to do the tasks he or she desires
  3.       The best type of magnification device to enable your parent to do that task

Types of Low Vision Aids

Our variety of low vision devices goes way beyond hand-held magnifiers and high-powered readers. As the largest Low Vision practice in Las Vegas, we also offer the largest range of low vision aids available. In addition, at YESnick Vision Center, we offer competitive prices – making vision affordable.

With the correct low vision device, your parent can once again be able to identify faces, drive, read, use a computer, and watch TV. Low vision aids include:

  • Telescope – this small device is attached to regular glasses, enabling the wearer to correct for other vision problems (such as nearsightedness), while simultaneously correcting for their vision loss. Dr. Yesnick custom-designs each low vision telescope to satisfy the patient’s unique needs. Glasses – microscopes, prisms, readers
  • Magnifiers – handheld, wearable, and stand
  • Computer software
  • Bioptics – mounted high on the glasses, allowing the wearer to use them as necessary – such as when driving and to read street signs
  • CCTV aids – for  crisp and clear reading
  • Text-to-Voice glasses
  • Scanning and Reading appliances

Low Vision Device Fitting

We believe in highly personalized treatment and low vision device fitting, and therefore we ask each patient to bring samples of the text they want to see, as well as the activities they love (playing cards, needlework, etc…). We will test a variety of low vision aids in our office – and we won’t order anything for your parent to take home until we see clearly that it works!

From cutting-edge digital technologies, such as eSight, OrCam, and IrisVision, to custom-fit microscope and telescope glasses, we will match your parents with the most suitable aids. Rest assured, we perform a thorough and precise device fitting before sending any of our patients home!

Travel to See the Best Options for Clear Sight

People travel from near and far to bring their parents to Dr. Yesnick for Low Vision care. That’s because we focus on how to sharpen your loved one’s view of the world and enhance their independence! We are constantly watching out for the newest technologies to offer. At your parent’s appointment, will explore the best and latest options – low vision devices, low vision occupational therapy, and low vision rehabilitation – to help your parent.

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