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Why Should You Schedule A Pediatric Eye Exam?

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Its that time of year again, kids are out for the summer, and moms and dads everywhere are struggeling to get all caught up on doctors appointments, and the inevitable yearly eye exam. The American Optometric Association sets the guidelines for a children's eye exam as follow.

  • Infants: An eye exam at 6 months
  • At 3 years of Age
  • When entering first grade
  • Every year if your child requires glasses or contacts
  • Every other year if they do not require glasses or contact lenses

More than ever parents need to be aware of the need to schedule eye exams at the recommended ages. The reason being is that our kids lifestyles place them at increased risk of eye disease and vision problems without preventative care.

  • Children that are nearsighted are at an increased risk of vision loss later in life, these risks can be negated with myopia control at the first sign of a child being nearsighted.
  • With more screen time, children's eyes are being bombarded with high energy blue light, which has been linked to both sleep issues and eye disease. During the comprehensive eye exam our optometrist will advise on ways to reduce these risks.
  • Relying on a school vision screening is not enough, there are 11 visual skills involved in reading alone, a vision screening only measure your child's ability to see distance.
  • Researchers estimate that 20% of all children have vision issues that affect their learning.

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So don't wait on the back to school rush, schedule an eye exam and experience why kids in las vegas say "Dr. Y is my Eye Guy"

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