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5 Reasons You Need Reading Glasses

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 We Offer a Range of Optical Low Vision Devices in Las Vegas

If you have Low Vision, your regular prescription glasses probably do not provide you with adequate vision for all of your tasks. Fortunately, there are many low vision devices to enhance your sight. To benefit from the best devices for your condition, our Low Vision eye doctor will perform a thorough eye exam and evaluation. Then we’ll match you with a suitable optical aid so you can enjoy all your favorite activities and optimize your sight for daily life!

“Near” Optical Devices for Low Vision

Do you want to read or focus on objects or activities up-close? Magnifying reading glasses are an effective and convenient way to improve your near vision. You’ll be able to focus on fine print and details, such as when writing, reading, and sewing.

Along with upgrading your ability to see things that are near, magnifying reading glasses allow you to read comfortably for longer periods of time. They will give you a wider field of view, so you can read more text at once.

Reading glasses can be taken anywhere, which makes them one of the most convenient low vision devices. They are fully portable and leave your hands free – with no need to hold a magnifier. This is very useful for people who want to read a computer screen, follow sheet music, or do fine needlework.

Tips for Using Your New Magnifying Reading Glasses

Sometimes when you first begin to wear your reading glasses, you may find that they don’t offer the same crisp vision as you experienced when you tried them in our Las Vegas optical practice. Don’t worry – this is normal! It can take a bit of time, patience, and practice until you get used to any low vision glasses or aid.

Give yourself some time to figure out the best position to hold your reading material or task at hand. You may have to get used to placing the text at a different distance from your eyes. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, your brain and eyes will adapt. A reading stand or clipboard can be helpful to expand your field of view. You may also need to experiment with various lighting conditions until you find the best home set-up. Usually, the brighter the lighting, the better your visual clarity.

5 Reasons to Try Readers for Low Vision

To sum up, here are a list of benefits you’ll gain with magnifying reading glasses:

  1.       They help you read more text at once by providing a large field of view
  2.       They offer ultimate convenience – you can take them anywhere you go, e.g.: to the supermarket, restaurant, bookstore, etc…
  3.       They leave your hands available to do other tasks, such as writing and sewing
  4.       They are an inexpensive Low Vision device that offers great benefits to your quality of life
  5.       Contemporary reading glasses come in an array of fashionable styles with designer frames to give you a fantastic look

It doesn’t matter why you have Low Vision - whether it is due to macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, or retinitis pigmentosa - if you are having trouble viewing the world around you clearly, it’s time to book a consultation with Dr. David Yesnick, your Las Vegas Low Vision Specialist. We encourage you to see for yourself how reading glasses can upgrade your sight. Our team will match you with a non-optical or optical Low Vision Aid to promote your independence and enjoyable quality of life.

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