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Lost Your Glasses?

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Lost Your Glasses? Want To Order A quick Replacement In Las Vegas, NV?

Okay, first let us talk about how not to lose your glasses. As you would agree, the period between lost glasses and waiting for the new glasses would be dreadful, especially if you just cannot do without glasses.

Follow the tips below to avoid losing your glasses:

  • Keep them secure on your eyes rather than in your pocket. It is easier to lose them if they are hanging out of your pocket rather than on your eyes. It is very common to lose them while on boat trips, amusement rides, etc.
  • For a safer way of carrying them, consider a pair of eyewear retainers.

For situations when you lose them, follow the below tips, so you have a quick workaround:

  • Always carry a spare pair of spectacles when on the go.
  • Carry or be aware of your prescription. It can come in handy. (or better yet keep a picture of your prescription on your phone).
  • If you use your glasses for reading alone, a pair of reading glasses from the nearest drug store should work for the time being.
  • If you do not have a prescription or a spare, find an eye doctor and get yourself checked. (Pro tip #1: Call them up and ask if the lenses are done onsite or sent to a lab, and what is the quickest turnaround).
  • Find an Optical in Las Vegas where you can purchase a pair quickly (Pro tip #2: YESnick Vision Center in Las Vegas has an onsite lab and can have glasses in as little as an hour!).


Ordering Replacements in Las Vegas, Nevada

Okay, so you either live or are visiting Las Vegas, Nevada . You have lost your glasses. And, you do not have your spare glasses. And, you need a replacement pair. Fast.

The good news is YESnick Vision Center is conveniently located in Spring Valley. A short drive or uber from Summerlin, Downtown Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip/hotels, Enterprise and Paradise. Our incredible optical has a huge selection of designer frames and we have a cutting edge in office lens finishing laboratory. Our patients love our service and love that they can often get glasses that same day, sometimes in less than an hour.

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