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Preparing for Your Eye Exam

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eye exam in las vegasEven if you do not have any vision troubles, it is important to visit your
eye doctor for regular exams. Use this guide to prepare for your next
eye exam in Las Vegas so your doctor can give you the best service:


Schedule Your Exam


Most people should schedule an eye exam every one to three years. You should
also schedule an exam if you have noticed a change in your vision or you
are experiencing itching or burning in or around your eyes. Even if there
are no problems with your vision, the doctor can use the exam as a chance
to look for signs of other health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.
He or she can also test your eyesight to see whether you need glasses
or contacts to correct refractive errors that are keeping you from seeing properly.


Think About the Condition of Your Eyes


The more information you can give your eye doctor, the more thorough your
exam can be. It is important to talk to your doctor about your daily habits,
especially if you stare at a computer screen for hours or spend a lot
of time outside. You should also really think about whether or not you
have noticed any changes in your eyes so the doctor can figure out if
there are any underlying issues that might be affecting your vision. Feel
free to talk about anything from your family's vision and eye health
history to whether or not you get headaches frequently.


Bring Your Glasses


If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you should bring them with you to
your appointment. If you wear contact lenses, your eye doctor will want
you to remove them for the exam, which is why it is important to have
your glasses as a backup. You might want to consider getting a prescription
for a second pair of glasses during your next appointment so you always
have a pair.

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