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Why Eye Exams Are Crucial To Your Health In Las Vegas

logo 1000 ffccccccTransparent 3333 0 20 3 1Regular visits to your eye doctor provide an important yardstick by which
your ophthalmologist can measure the health of your eyes and body. A vision
test can determine whether you need eyeglasses or contacts to improve
your vision, as well as diagnose and monitor chronic eye conditions. YESnick
Vision Center is a family eye center offering affordable eye care including
eye exams, low vision therapy, and glasses frames and lenses in Las Vegas.


Visiting your eye doctor for regular eye exams is an important step toward
better overall health. A simple vision test is no substitute for a comprehensive
eye exam—eye exams not only monitor the acuity of your vision, but
also test the health of your eyes and can even detect changes in your
overall health before other symptoms become apparent.


    • Good vision is essential for daily comfort and quality of life. When you
      cannot see properly, you may have difficulty at work, during leisure activities,
      or even pose a risk to yourself or others when driving or using tools
      and machinery that require good vision for safety.


    • Many eye diseases don't cause noticeable vision loss until the eye
      has been irreparably damaged. Regular eye exams check for signs of disease
      so you can begin treatment before permanent vision loss that affects your
      quality of life occurs.


    • Some systemic health conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure,
      can become apparent in the eyes before other symptoms appear. Your eye
      doctor may find signs of chronic disease during your eye exam that can
      prompt you to seek the medical care you need for better health more quickly.


Four Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam


Learning to note the signs that you should schedule an eye exam can help
to diagnose and treat vision problems while they are small. You can contact
your Las Vegas eye doctor at YESnick Vision Center by calling (702) 966-2020
to schedule a vision test today.


    1. Dry eyes are a common condition characterized by red, itchy, or irritated
      eyes. You may also experience uncontrollable tearing up or the feeling
      of sand or grit in your eyes.


    1. Difficulty seeing while driving, especially at night, means it's time
      to visit your eye doctor for an exam.


    1. Working on a computer can cause eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches.
      Your eye doctor can offer prescription lenses and other strategies to
      reduce eye strain and fatigue.


    1. Any noticeable changes in your vision, including blurriness or difficulty
      focusing, dark spots, or loss of vision in one or both eyes should be
      brought to the attention of your eye doctor immediately.


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