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Eye-mazing Vision Trivia [INFOGRAPHIC]

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You rely on them for just about everything you do each day, but just how
well do you know your eyes? Most people seldom give their eyes a thought
until a problem arises that makes them call an eye doctor. However, if
you consider everything they do, your eyes are pretty amazing. This infographic
from YESnick Vision Center examines some fascinating trivia and myths
about your vision. For instance, did you know that your mother was right—you
can go blind from staring directly at the sun? One tale about eyes that
isn’t true is that sitting too close to the TV can damage your vision.
It won’t hurt your eyes, but needing to get up close could be a
red flag that you need to call a
Las Vegas eye doctor about getting an eye exam and glasses. Please feel free to share this
interesting vision trivia with your friends and family.


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