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Dangers of Wearing Costume Contact Lenses

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las vegas optometristAre you planning on wearing costume contact lenses for Halloween? You might
want to rethink your costume plans. These contact lenses come in a variety
of colors and designs, making it easy to find the perfect pair for any
costume—but they are not necessarily the safest option!


Unlike other accessories that can easily be applied or removed for this
spooky holiday, costume contact lenses come into direct contact with your
eyes. Real contact lenses feature prescriptions and regulations that keep
them safe and healthy to use. Costume contact lenses do not have these
same prescriptions or regulations. That means that these contact lenses
can injure the eye. Many wearers experience corneal abrasions and even
ulcers that put them at risk for eye infections.


If you have to have a special pair of contact lenses for your costume,
meet with your
Las Vegas optometrist. This eye care professional can help you find safe contact lenses and
give you more advice for good eye health.

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