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Reasons to Schedule an Eye Exam When You Can See Clearly

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Eye Exams in Las VegasWhen was the last time you had an
eye exam in Las Vegas? If it has been a while since you have visited the optometrist, now is
a good time to schedule your next appointment. Regular eye exams are important
for all eye center patients, including those with good vision. Common
reasons for scheduling eye exams include:


Spotting the Signs of Glaucoma as Early as Possible


Did you know that glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in people of
all ages? Unfortunately, this eye disease is also hard to notice and commonly
causes irreversible damage. Open-angle glaucoma is the most common form
of this disease and it can be almost symptom-free for some sufferers.
If you have this condition but are unaware of it, you could end up losing
some or all of your vision as you get older. Your general physician may
not see the earliest signs of glaucoma during a regular checkup, but an
optometrist has the expertise to spot this problem as early as possible.


Looking for Eye Teaming Problems


You can see clearly out of each eye when you close the other, but does
this mean that your eyes are working together as they should? This is
not always the case. Even people with seemingly good vision can experience
eye teaming problems that affect not only their vision but other aspects
of their health. Scheduling an eye exam is important as it allows an optometrist
to examine your vision and determine if you have any problems associated
with binocular vision.


Getting Professional Advice


Your general physician may briefly test your eyesight during checkups,
but this medical professional does not have the expertise needed to keep
your eyes healthy and vision intact. Regular eye exams are the only way
to ensure and maintain your eye health as your optometrist will be able
to spot the earliest warning signs of problems and make recommendations
based on them. Your optometrist will offer professional advice that you
can use to keep your eyes as healthy as the rest of your body!

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