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Comparing Types of Contact Lenses

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contact lenses Las VegasDo you need vision correction but hate wearing and dealing with eyeglasses?
Contact lenses allow you to enjoy improved vision without worrying about
adding another accessory to your face! You can talk to your eye doctor
about the basics of contact lenses to decide if they are really right for you.


There are many different contact lenses, each option offering its own benefits
to wearers. Daily-wear lenses are designed to be removed at night before
bed. Extended-wear lenses can be worn for a few days or even weeks before
removing them. Disposable lenses can be worn one or multiple times before
being discarded. Ultraviolet protection lenses work like sunglasses, protecting
your eyes from the sun's harmful rays. Corneal reshaping lenses are
worn overnight and actually reshape the eye so that you can see more clearly
without lenses during the day.

If you want to learn about different types of contact lenses, speak with
your local eye doctor. Your Las Vegas optometrist can provide more facts and help you decide
what type of contact lenses are best for your vision needs.

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