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Common Eye Problems that Develop with Age

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eye doctor Las VegasAs the body ages, certain changes can make it harder to complete tasks
that were once effortless. Schedule regular appointments at the eye care
vision center in Las Vegas so the
eye doctor can be on the lookout for the following problems:




Many people start to have difficulty seeing objects that are close or print
that is small as they start to age. This condition, which is called presbyopia,
is very common in the older years. Presbyopia can cause headaches and
tired eyes. Your doctor can give you a prescription for reading glasses
to alleviate your symptoms.



Older people tend to have problems with excessive tearing when they are
exposed to bright lights, wind, or extreme changes in temperature. Tears
could also be a symptom of a condition called dry eye. If you notice that
your eyes are tearing more than normal, you should visit your eye doctor
to find the right solution for your issues.




Cataracts are also common in older patients when cloudiness over the lens
makes it difficult to see clearly. If you have cataracts, the eye doctor
can perform a simple procedure to get rid of the issue and improve your vision.




This serious eye condition develops when there is too much pressure from
fluid in the eye. If you do not get the proper treatment, it could cause
vision loss and blindness. In its beginning stages, glaucoma does not
have many symptoms, which is why it is important to visit your eye doctor
regularly. If you can catch it early, you can get prescription eye drops
or surgical options that can help you prevent blindness.


Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)


This condition affects your ability to see clearly. It can decrease your
ability to drive or read. If you notice any major changes in your vision,
you should schedule an appointment with your ophthalmologist as soon as
possible to get the treatment you need to prevent major problems with
your vision.

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