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Why Should You Wear Sunglasses?

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las vegas eye doctorGood sunglasses are so much more than a simple fashion accessory. If you
wear eye glasses, your
Las Vegas eye doctor can give you a prescription for sunglasses as well. If you wear contacts
or don’t need vision correction, you can choose whatever you like
right over the counter, as long as it has adequate UV protection. 

Wearing sunglasses can help prevent damage to your eyes that leads to eye
diseases such as macular degeneration and cataracts. They can also assist
your eyes in going from extremely bright to dark settings without placing
undue strain on the eyes themselves.


Sunglasses might even be able to help you stave off wrinkles just a little
longer, since you won’t be squinting to see whenever the sun’s
out. If you aren’t sure which type of sunglasses are best for your
optical health, ask your eye doctor for suggestions on brand names and styles.

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