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The Importance of Eye Exams

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Many people believe that the only time to see an
eye doctor in Las Vegas is when they have vision disturbances. This unfortunate misconception
keeps scores of people from obtaining the quality eye care they need for
optimal health. While an ophthalmologist or optometrist does indeed check
vision and write prescriptions for eye glasses or contacts, there’s
a great deal more to the field than this alone. 

Optical Development Directly Influences Academic Development


Parents should choose an eye doctor for kids with as much vigor as they
choose a pediatrician. Eye problems early in a child’s development
can significantly delay the development of certain skills needed for academic
success, simply because the child cannot see properly. To make matters
worse, parents often have no idea there is a problem because the child
doesn’t complain; to him or her, this is the way he or she has always
seen the world.
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Many conditions, when detected and addressed early, can be successfully
treated or even reversed in childhood. At the very least, early vision
correction will allow a greater opportunity for academic success as the
child no longer has to struggle to see what is being presented. School
or health department vision screenings are not the same as a
comprehensive eye exam, which is what every child needs on a regular basis.


Optical Health is an Indicator of Overall Health


Chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are often noticed first
by an ophthalmologist, provided that the patient sees an eye doctor regularly.
Indeed, some diabetics whose numbers seem under control will later find
out that their blood sugar goal should be much lower after going for an
eye exam. These and similar diseases damage blood vessels or otherwise
irritate the inner components of the eye, but they are only visible with
the specialized equipment used in a comprehensive eye exam.


Some eye diseases don’t produce noticeable symptoms for years, but
they are easily detected early if you see your eye doctor regularly. Don’t
wait until you just don’t see as well as you once did to make an
appointment. Make it a regular part of your total health plan.

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