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Warning Signs You Need Glasses

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glasses in Las VegasIf you do not wear
glasses when you need them, you might have trouble completing normal tasks in
your daily life. If you can relate to any of the following, it might be
time to schedule an eye exam to see if you need glasses to perfect the
way you see:


You Squint Frequently


One of the easiest ways to tell if you need glasses is to determine if
you need to squint regularly to see objects. This could be an indication
that you have a condition called hyperopia, or farsightedness, which negatively
affects your ability to see items that are close to your eyes. After a
quick eye exam, your doctor can find the right prescription to correct
this refractive error and allow you to see better.


You Cannot See Far Away

If you can no longer see objects that are far away without moving closer,
you might have myopia, or nearsightedness. If you have myopia, it means
that your cornea is misshapen and does not allow light to hit the retina.
A pair of glasses can ensure that the light moves to your retina so you
can instantly
improve your vision.


You Have Frequent Headaches


When you constantly strain your eyes to try to see, it can cause headaches.
If you notice that you have more headaches around your eyes or your temples,
it could be a sign that you need glasses. Schedule an appointment with
the eye doctor for a routine eye exam so you can find a solution for your
pain and discomfort.


You Are Over 40

Even if you do not notice any immediate symptoms, the eyes tend to change
once you reach the age of 40. After your 40
th birthday, you should start visiting your eye doctor every year to see
if your eyes have changed. Even if you need more light in a room or notice
glare more frequently, these small changes could be indications that you
need glasses to perfect your vision.

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