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Choosing Glasses for Your Face

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eye glasses in las vegasOne of the most fun aspects about getting new
eye glasses in Las Vegas is the opportunity to pick out a brand new accessory that is uniquely
you…and have a written prescription for it! And, while you’ll
definitely want to try on your favorite top contenders, you probably don’t
want to spend the entire day picking out frames. So to help you eliminate
less than ideal choices before you even get started, here’s a guide
for matching the perfect pair of eye glasses to your face:


Glasses Frames and Face Shapes


The style of frame you choose will need to complement the shape of your
face. A general rule of thumb is to choose frames that are the opposite
of your face shape. For example, if you have a round or oval face, then
squared or angled frames will likely look best on you.


You’ll also want to make sure that your eye glasses are balanced
on your face. Glasses that are too small or too large can give your face
a disproportionate, odd appearance. At the same time, you can use size
and shape to offset features you aren’t wild about, such as choosing
long and narrow frames to make the eyes appear spaced further apart.


Glasses Frames and Skin Tone

When you know the basic frame shape you’re going for, it’s
time to think about
the color of the frames. To do that, you’ll need to assess whether your skin tone is warm
or cool. Here is where you’ll want to choose eye glasses frames
that match what you have. Don’t worry—you’ll have plenty
of color options in both warm and cool shades. Nearly every color has
a range of shades that covers the spectrum; if your heart is set on blue
glasses and you find your skin tone is warm, you can still find frames
in warm blue tones that will look great on you.


Glasses Frames and Eye Color


The general rule with eye glasses and eye color is basically the same that
applies to skin tone: determine whether your eyes are warm or cool, then
choose a color accordingly. If you are ever in doubt, don’t be afraid
to ask for help from your vision center personnel.

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