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A Look at Refractive Errors

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Walk into any
eye care vision center in Las Vegas and chances are that you’ll see at least one patient with a refractive
error at any given time, if not more. Refractive errors are among the
most common of eye problems, and the most likely reason a person might
wear eye glasses or contact lenses.


Check out this video to learn about the four different types of refractive
error and how they differ from one another. Get to know a little bit about
how the eye works, as well as why it’s not uncommon for people to
need reading glasses as they age even if they don’t need any other
vision correction.


Finally, you’ll learn about the different options for refractive
surgery, and there are many. Remember, though, that just because you might
have a refractive error doesn’t mean you have to get surgery; many
people are perfectly content to use eye glasses or contacts their entire
lives. You and your ophthalmologist can decide what’s right for you.

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